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Where Technology
Meets Old Fashioned TLC


Welcome to California Coast Dental Arts. We opened our doors in March 2005 and have since impressed and received praises from our patients, colleagues, and the surrounding community. The state of the art treatment rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere without sacrificing personal care and attention to each individual.


Dr. Chan and his staff are warm and friendly professionals who take a personal interest in all their patients' dental needs. By creating a relaxing and informal atmosphere, we offer excellent dentistry which includes: employing tested innovative techniques, the finest materials and utilizing superior dental laboratories. We strive to provide excellent results by advancing our professional knowledge through continuing education classes and working hand in hand with each individual patient's needs.


I had not been to the dentist in about 15 years and decided I should finally go. Dr. Chan's office was a great experience. They did a thorough exam and determined that they could get my teeth clean without the painful and intensive "deep cleaning". It took awhile, but the hygienist (I'm sorry I do not remember her name) did a fantastic job. I did not hesitate to go back a few months later when I was scheduled to return. It was great to find a dentist's office that looked for ways to not sell you additional procedures and make the visit a pleasant one. Sadly I moved out of the area and now have to start from scratch...or fly back to San Diego to get my teeth cleaned (believe me, I've considered it).

Brad V.

Dr. Chan is the BEST! He puts you at ease and is very accommodating. He has a gentle steady hand. I have never been in pain from any of his dental work. Dr. Chan ACTUALLY DISCUSSES your options with you without any high pressure sales pitch. His staff is super friendly and professional. His office is nice and convenient to get to in downtown Oceanside. I even get better birthday cards from his office than what I receive from my own family! Lol. I am 44 years old and Dr. Chan is the best dentist I have ever had. 2 THUMBS UP!

Jerome I., Santa Fe, TX

"While visiting Oceanside, my husband had a crown come off. Dr. Jack Chan went above and beyond just cementing it back on. His thoroughness and thoughtfulness were exceptional, even to the point of emailing details and a photo to give his dentist back home. And he charged a very reasonable price. I know that, because the same thing happened to me in Sedona, AZ, two weeks earlier... and it was literally highway robbery, the amount I was charged. Thank you Dr. Jack."

Terre L. Louisville, CO

"My family and I love Dr. Chan and his staff! I have an Uncle who is one of the best dentist up in LA, but it was hard balancing everyone's appointments with a full time job and 2 hr commute was difficult. I had to find a dentist in Oside where we've lived for 14 yrs, and my standards were very high. We've been going to Dr.Chan a little over 11 yrs now. Dr. Chan takes his time explaining everything he recommends, work that is urgent, and work that can wait a few more months. The price they quote you doesn't change after the work is complete."

Rose E. Oceanside, CA

COVID-19 Update

As the pandemic of the 2019 novel coronavirus has become our new reality, Dr. Chan and your dental family here at California Coast Dental Arts have made the decision to suspend our dental office operations starting March 16, 2020. We are holding off on non-essential dental care for the health and well-being of our entire community. We ask that you help us “flatten the curve” by understanding that dental appointments may be rescheduled at this time as the pandemic situation and information on how to safely provide care evolves. We are determined to minimize the risks of virus exposure to patients, their families, our staff and our families, and to the community in general and know that working together, we can get through this. If you feel that you have a true dental emergency, you may contact the office for further instructions and guidance. We currently anticipate to be back and providing you with the best dental care possible in mid-April.

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