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Because your smile is important to us here at California Coast Dental Arts, we accept many dental insurance and discount plans. For financial needs not met by your dental plan, we offer CareCredit®, a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance.

CareCredit® has two unique features. Every CareCredit® transaction is eligible for a No Interest (if paid within promotional period) or Low Fixed Interest Payment Plan – and, you can use the card at all healthcare practices that offer CareCredit®.

As the leader in patient financing, CareCredit® has made it easy for millions of patients nationwide to get the treatment they want and need. For treatment fees from $1 to over $25,000, CareCredit® has a variety of low minimum monthly payment plans. So you can start treatment today and use it again and again without having to re-apply.

With CareCredit® you can:

  • Pay for co-payments, deductibles, and treatment not covered by insurance.
  • Start treatment immediately and pay over time with low minimum monthly payments.
  • Pay for the other healthcare expenses for you and your family without having to re-apply.
  • Reserve existing credit cards for household or unplanned expenses.
  • Have no annual fee.
  • Apply online at CareCredit.com or call (800) 365-8295.
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